How far are you ready to go to maintain the balance?

Amnesic and lost in the middle of nature, Hayden is more than never alone. The only thing connecting her to her past life is a strange necklace she was wearing when she woke up in the forest. Mysterious energies seem to live in this object and gems shine as if they became alive when connecting to Hayden’s feelings.

Trying to get accustomed to her new life despite the difficulties, Hayden meets Leigh — a young man as mysterious as invasive — who seems to know exactly who she is.

With him, Hayden is immersed in a world where magic and dangers are woven together and to which the night be the solution…

Fantasy / Young Adult | Trilogy | + 12 years old | 392 pages


September 20th 2023 at

Aether Dreams, Book 1 | Novel

Aether Dreams, Book 1 | Paper webtoon

Aether Dreams, Book 2 | On going


Where can you read Aether Dreams?

Book 1 published by Hachette Romans, publication scheduled for September 20th 2023.

You will be able to find the book in every big french cultural brands online and on-site in your favorite french bookshop.

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“Balance is fragile, as much as the human heart.”

The idea behind aether dreams

the elementary magic has always been such a fascination for me that it has been at the center of the novel since the beginning. As a child and a teenager, i spent all my days reading fantasy novels, wondering how the world would be if we could control the elements.

I fed my brain with life issues, with moments that meant something for me as a young woman, and I must admit it, I took a lot of notes. I wanted to write a story which would mean something powerful for me and characters to whom I could easily identify with. This is how, all along my teenagehood and my first steps in the adulthood, I created Aether Dreams.

A long process

Twelve years from now I started writing a story about a girl with elementary abilities who discovered a brand new society based upon the balance of those elements. I wanted to make something with this story, I always knew it. But with numerous pauses along the years, until I decide to put aside this story in 2014, I thought that my novel would spend his life in a drawer.

However in 2021, while I was using this story for my webtoon project, I decided to give a second chance to the novel version and use my new vision of the world as a young and independent woman.

a novel with powerful actual themes

Through its characters and their quest as mush as the covered topics, Aether Dreams makes its place in the Young Adult genre.

Aether Dreams is a transparent novel. It may talk about difficult topics and needs trigger warnings, but the facts will never be shown in a raw manner. I make a point to have no limits in the subjects I want to deal with and to speak about impacting topics with softness and kindness.

As I’ve often been told during my studies in cinema:

“It is not what we show that matters, but the way we show it.”

From my point of view, some themes are not discussed a lot nowadays and I’ve always been a bit disappointed in my search for fiction dealing with those subjects.

It is especially the case with mental health. It is a very special topic for me and I wanted to talk about it in a realistic way, showing how a weak mental health may have an impact on a person and their loved ones.

The feelings of the characters, their psychological mechanisms and the implied actions are at the center of the story, and it is my duty to make the reader involved in their emotions and adventures.

Throughout the years, I got inspired by many works, from diversifed formats to build Aether Dreams universe and plot. 

Only quoting a few is a difficult exercice since I get inspired by a lot of things surrounding me. Also my imaginary built itself on more than a fifteen years period. 

To quote my main inspirations :

  • Hayao Miyazaki’s work on studio Ghibli movies.
  • Disney movies as  Frozen, Tangled or The Little Mermaid, still wake up my childish soul.
  • W.I.T.C.H, with its elementary magic treatment and the amazing art of Alessandro Barbucci
  • Kingdom Hearts video games franchise.
  • Beyond Two Souls video game.
  • Shingeki No Kyojin, 
  • Chronicles and Wars of the Emerged World by Licia Troisi


Animation has always been an important format to me and this is why, my inspirations are mostly animated movies/series and video games.



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