I'm Hayden, by the way.


I’m a 26 year old dreamer who thrives in her own imaginary world. Art has always been the red wire of my life and will always be. Before being a passion, it’s a need. A visceral one. As an empathic and emotional person, drawing and writing became my safe place, and my own way to express myself.

After my graduation in 2019 of a 5 years diploma in 3D Animation and Character Design, I decided to take a new turn in my professional life.

I’ve always loved to write and tell stories so, with my new skills lugage, I jumped into the unknown and started my first own webtoon on Webtoon France : “Aether Dreams”.  Since October 2020, I’m a professional comic artist, working for Naver Webtoon.

In 2021, my life changed when I decided to finish the first draft of the novel version of “Aether Dreams”. In 2022, Hachette Romans knocked at my door to make my dream come true and publish the book.


"Make of your life a dream, and of a dream a reality."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Dream before everything else

A pencil in one hand and a book in the other, I spent my childhood sailing throw magical worlds of artworks I discovered. From the very start, telling stories and create characters was something I loved. That’s why during my teenage years, I naturally started to write my first novel project.

Writing is like galloping on the beach. It makes you feel alive and stops time. I wrote because ideas and words were boiling in my mind. Drawing and writing were both closely linked and that’s when I entered superior studies i understood I could make the best of both worlds.

My journey

First version of Aether Dreams

The first chapters were born through my teenager gaze

Start of graduate studies

I enter a private school, specialized in VFX cinema and 3D Animation.  I create a short movie in group to graduate.

I launch my Instagram account

Days after days, I practice drawing. Fanarts become my favorite thing.

I graduate from my school

My graduation movie is showed to a professional jury and I start job hunting. 

Webtoon France contest

I join the plateform contest and my series "Aether Dreams" wins a price. I sign a contract and become an original creator.  

The novel

I finish the first draft of the novel adaptation of Aether Dreams, having in mind the idea to submit the manuscript to an editorial house.

Hachette Romans

In April 2022, I'm contacted by Hachette Romans who wants to publish the novel. In November 2022, I sign the contract and the big adventure starts!


Aether Dreams webtoon comes to an end. I take time for the novel editorial work and freelance missions, while preparing my next webtoon project. 

4 facts about me

  • I drink a lot of tea but I always forget my mug, so it gets cold.

  • Pisces sun, Leo rising and Capricorn moon, here is my astral cocktail full of contraditions.

  • I love Korean culture, which I'm interested in since 12 years now. I'm currently learning korean and I am at my 3rd year of learning.

  • I have a cinmatographic eye, from my cinema studies, which I use a lot in my writing and drawings.



For the webtoon, I use Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint EX.

I also use procreate for other illustrations. 


Other Softwaires

I use Sketchup for my 3D backgrounds. I edit my videos on Davinci and After Effects.





XPPen Artist 24 Pro/Deco small for work

Xppen 2nd gen 12 inch/ Ipad Pro 10 inch when I’m on the go


They trust me

Press & media

They talk about my work!

Podcast & videos

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Social media

Where to find me

Stay tuned about my last news following my instagram account.

Discover the behind the scene of my creative process on my youtube channel.