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Webtoons' format is vertical. Cases are linked together and this special format offers a new vision to both staging and storytelling.


A webtoon is made to be read on a mobile phone. The format is adapted to scrolling and most of the users read webtoons on their phone. Benefits? They can be read everywhere: in the transports, at lunch break or in the evening in bed!


Most of the time, webtoons are split into episodes and seasons. Each end of an episode includes a cliffhanger, more or less important, in order to maintain the curiosity of the reader and make him want to read the whole story.

My webtoons

Find my stories — published or ongoing and classified by genre — below.

Fantasy / Romance
Aether Dreams


With no memories and lost in the middle of nowhere, Hayden tries to survive the best she can. The only thing she possesses from her past is a mysterious necklace. However, her life changes when she meets a enigmatic young man. Who is he? Has he got answers about the past of our heroin?
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Romance / Contemporary / Supernatural


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Why do I love creating webtoons?

Visual attract

The combination of images and words is a blending that has always fascinated me. When I was younger, I was immersed in the world of mangas and comic books and I could not look away from the pages’ mesmerizing layouts.

The visual support of the drawings brought a whole new dimension to my readings and since I first discovered illustrated books I’ve known I wanted to make my job of it.

I am a very visual person. I choose my books mainly according to their covers and I like to surround myself with colourful and inspiring pictures. I graduated in cinema where the spectator’s eye and staging are crucial.

Therefore, it is naturally that the creating need was born when I discorved the webtoon’s format in 2016.


Nowadays, almost everyone possesses a smartphone. And what could be better than a format adapted to what is almost the extension of our arm?

Webtoons are works easily accessible everywhere and at anytime. And mostly, depending on the platform, their access is free.

It is something that means a lot to me to share my webtoons for free and allow everyone to discover them.