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Hayden Deterra is a young author and illustrator with a dreamy soul and an overflowing imagination.

Native of the South of France and graduated with a master degree in 3D Animation and Character Design, art has always been the guideline of her life. A pencil in one hand and a novel or a cartoon in the other one, she spent her childhood traveling in the magic universes of the books she devoured.

Passionate about visual stories and the combination of writing and drawing, she decides, at the end of higher education, to create her own Webtoon called “Aether Dreams” at the occasion of the contest on the french platform Naver Webtoon in 2020. Since the story wins the price of the series with the most followers, she signs a contract to keep publishing the story as an original story. During the two years of weekly publishing, the story combined more than 85000 readers.

In 2021, Hayden decides to bring back to life the novel project that gave birth to the Webtoon story in order to give it the chance to meet the heart of readers.

Since 2016, she publishes her drawings on her instagram account. She brings together a lovely community which shares her passions such as cinema, animation, Korean culture and more widely the works that affect her.

General overview of the work


Aether Dreams tells the story of Hayden, an amnesic young woman who’s searching for answers. Following an encounter pushed by fate, she finds herself sent in a world full of ancient magic and dangers in which elements maintain the balance.

Composed of three books divided in two seasons on Webtoon, Aether Dreams is a fantastic story in which the quest of oneself, nuanced characters and mental health are at the center of the plot.

Webtoon series

Started in 2020 and winner of public price for the series with the most followers of the Webtoon France contest, Aether Dreams is a romantasy series divided in two seasons of 102 episodes, all published on the Naver Webton France platform.

5 million de views

86000 readers


9,42 rate

102 episodes

The novel

Summary :

Amnesic and lost in the middle of nature, Hayden is more than never alone. The only think connecting her to her past life is a strange necklace she was wearing around her neck when she woke up in the forest. Mysterious energies seem to live in this object and gems shine as if they became alive when connecting to Hayden’s feelings.

Trying to get accustomed to her new life despite the difficulties, Hayden meets Leigh — a young man as mysterious as invasive — who seems to know exactly who she is.

With him, Hayden is immersed in a world where magic and dangers are woven together and to which the night be the solution…

Who knows where her quest of identity will lead her?

To be published in September 2023 by


Ideas for interviews subjects

  • The combination of writing and illustration
  • The webtoon format: what it is about and the differences with a novel or a common comic book
  • Why choosing freelance illustration?
  • The importance of character design in your job and stories
  • Which works have inspired you?
  • The importance of animation cinema studies and what it has brought to your artistic vision
  • The sensitive subjects and the way they are dealt with
  • How to use illustration to go with/support writing?